About the Designer

Christina Liedtke is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of ASTOURI, an artistically curated, multifunctional, travel-friendly women’s ready-to-wear brand. Christina’s innovative approach pushes the limits in design and the imagination:

“When I started ASTOURI, I wanted to fill a void for women with beautiful prints that were artistically inspired by cities providing women apparel and accessories that were not only beautiful and highly complimented, but also easy-to-wear and easy-to-pack. As a designer, I am always looking for what women are wearing that brings their best selves to life while sharing their own beautiful stories.

As a global traveler and having lived in multiple cities, I could never find a brand or specific items that spoke to me as a female and also the city I was living in, visiting, or aspiring to go to. I kept seeing t-shirts and hoodies. I wanted something more stylish, feminine, valuable and gave me a sense of connection to that city.”

With an extraordinary eye for curating beautiful details and style with exquisite fit and drape, Christina has spent almost 20 years in fashion design and also in corporate strategy in the beauty and fashion industries. As a previous owner of her luxury women’s clothing business, Christina understands the importance of making women feel beautiful and complimented in their apparel and accessories by providing the right fit, fabrics, and fabulousness. 

To contact Christina directly, please send her an e-mail at christina@astouri.com.

“The inspiration and philosophy behind my creativity and design is both thought provoking and emotional. I look at how design can transform and redefine meanings in our lives whether it be in fashion or art. What’s most prevalent to me in design is the emotional purpose and intent behind the story and how long the story will last. The longer the story lasts, the more meaning and change comes from the design. Our tendency as humans to remember things that captivated us and changed our thinking and/or behavior is the foundation of my design. It can be as simple as transforming our basics in our wardrobe to creating wearable memories.”