End of one week, month, year – Beginning of another. CREATING SPACE


At the beginning of 2020, prior to the world going quiet, I was invited to my friend’s Bye Felicia party. I packed up the stuff I no longer needed and hopped on the 7 train to enjoy an evening filled with friends, stories, clothing, games, and one of the most important parts of the evening, writing a letter to myself on what I wanted to experience in 2020.


That letter was kept and then sent to me at the end of last year. Thank you to my friend for being the caretaker of this valuable piece of paper. It was fascinating reading that letter after last year. What I found is that everything written was exactly my 2020. The letter was written in terms of what I was seeking, live a life without fear, be open to new experiences, learn to let go, be kinder to yourself, continue to grow your company. JUST BE. TRUST.


Although we are still living in the land of the unknown, there is an importance to keeping this Bye-Felicia ritual, even if it is just for yourself. Clean out your closets and write a letter to yourself. What do you need to get rid of? What do you want to embrace and embody?


For me, closets will be cleaned and donated instead of traded and a letter to ‘self’ will be written. Writing a letter to yourself is such a great ritual. It is for your eyes only to see and captures only what you are feeling, seeking, wanting, and needing. Then keep it to read it a year later.


When we create space, we allow for more PRESENT light to come in and lightness in our beings vs. the heaviness of the past and future we carry around. THIS has the power to change you.


2021 is the year of lightness. What does 2021 hold for you?


With that, the quote of the year:

“You have to create space;
you have to remove something;
you have to break something down in your life,
in order to bring in the new.”
― Kathrin Zenkina

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