End of one week, month, and year. Beginning of Another. THE MAKING OF . . .


It is always interesting to reflect back on the year. Where it began and where it ended. What our expectations were and what actually commenced. What doors opened and closed. But, most importantly and in knowing that days, months, and years are not fluid, all the happenings that were not part of the plans we desired. Some good, some not so good.


Over the course of 2021, I have lived my story and I have heard of stories that have taken my breath away of how much can happen in a year.


As I write this, I think about these stories. Some good, some not so good. 


I have heard and lived stories of dismantlement, growth and learning. I have heard and lived of stories of surrender and love in its innocence and purity.   


What I have learned the most this year is that sometimes the MAKING OF requires the UNDOING. Our UNBECOMING becomes our becoming. Letting go of all expectations, blowing all unmet kisses to new lips, creating space by eliminating vs. gaining, celebrating the birth of new day through simplicity of breath and creation is our greatest form of sanctuary.


What always amazes me in all stories is how we are constantly reminded that humanity is our greatest virtue and being humbled by this is our deepest breathe.


Sometimes a calendar change does not make a difference, but WE somehow know that a difference has to be made. We believe that all is possible and we believe in all possibilities.


With that the quote of 2022:

“Warmth is a mystery. It somehow heals and engenders us. It is the loosener of too-tight things. It enhances flow. The mysterious urge to be, the maiden flight of fresh ideas, Whatever warmth is, it draws us closer and closer yet.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Women Who Run With Wolves).


Wishing you all a healthy, safe, joyous, and prosperous New Year!


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