End of one week and month. Beginning of another. WOWAN (Middle M Turned upside down)


Since 1987, the U.S. has formally recognized March as National Women’s History Month. ALL women have extraordinary stories to tell, gifts to give, and impact and influence to change the future for women, by women.


However, despite the nationalization of proclaiming women as equal forces, facts tell a different story.


Fact #1: Since the NYSE opened in 1817, hundreds of companies have gone public and thousands of companies are traded, however ONLY 20 of those companies are founded and led by women.


Fact #2:  The US has over 12.3 Million women owned business accounting for 40% of all U.S. Business and generating $1.8 Trillion dollars a year and outperform businesses owned by men by 63%. HOWEVER, only 7% of venture funding goes to women owned companies.


Fact #3: Women account for 80%+ of all consumer purchasing decisions, 70% of all travelers are women and top home buyers after married couples are single women and yet women are less likely to secure capital for their business and their homes.


Fact #4: Women account for almost 20% LESS THAN men’s income in the same job.


Yet, despite these unbalanced facts and exhausting unequivocal conflict, we don’t stop. If a door is not open, we find the window. Actually, NO. We go and build a door. We find a way, we find a path, we live and breathe defiance.


The power that women hold is not of conflict and compartmentalization, but of collaboration and courage. When we stand in our truth with vulnerability and veracity, we build an anchor that creates a moat of unacclaimed momentum ultimately vibrating in changes that we seek soulfully and in serenity.


We are the change makers. We always have been.


When we choose not to support women, we choose to disembowelment of gifts.


With that the quote of the week:

“Our stories, as woman, have great reverence, great depth, and great meaning. Our stories are the lessons, that if not told, will never create the equal and incredible paths for the future.” – Anonymous

Source of Facts: Business Insider


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